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NEW! Winter Summit Speakers 2018

Audra Faust

Beauty From Brokenness

Power of a Positive Prayerful Mom


Roxanne Parks & Shirley Quine

Calming the Chaos


Cindy Robinson

Persevere Precious One

Comparison…Stop It!


David & Shirley Quine

Conflict is Natural – Resolution is Supernatural


Susan Chrisman

What Parents Should Know About Their Child’s Will


Make Habit Training a Reality


Roxanne Parks

Marriage Priority

Brave and Beautiful


Dr. Jennifer Murff

You’ve Been On This Mountain Long Enough! It’s Time To Move On

Compulsive Comparison Disorder


Roxanne Parks & Lyndsay Lambert

If We Could Do It All Over


Valerie Felder

Organize Me! Addressing the Dread of Disorganized Living

“Tuff” Mama Time


Winter Summit Speakers 2017

Cindy Beall

Organization and the Proverbs 31 Modern Day Gal

Intentional Marriage: How to Build Your Man


Cheri Blair

And I Even Homeschooled – So How Did THIS Happen?

Taking Thoughts Captive: Bootcamp for the Soul


Lyndsay Lambert

Great Homeschooling 101: The Marriage Priority


Roxanne Parks

Four Drawer File Cabinet

Hindsight is 20/20

Words To Live By

Power Love


Lisa Pennington

Discovering the Life Balance You Have Always Wanted


Shirley Quine

Hindsight is 20/20


Susan Seay

Great Expectations/Great Frustrations

Closing the Gap Between Your Lips and Your Kids Ears


Sherri Yates

The WAR ROOM is Where the Real Battle is Won

Teenage Years: Eye Rolling, Sarcasm and Hormones, Oh My!


Winter Summit Speakers 2016

Amy Groschel

Seed Sowing: Powerful Ways to Hide Gods Word in Their Hearts

Three Musts for Motherhood


Dee Jones

Help! I’m Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Loneliness Amidst a Crowded House


Greg Gunn

Sibling Revival, Not Rivalry


Lisa Pennington

Momma Needs a Do-Over: Simple Steps for Turning a Hard Day Around


Roxanne Parks

Til Death Do Us Part? The Marriage Priority


Scotia Moore

Making the Word Your Lifeline

Covenant Girlfriends

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