Shirley Quine

Shirley Quine is a joyful survivor of 30+ years of home schooling her 9 children. Through the years of hair-pulling and victory she learned of the amazing grace of God for her and her children. Beside her lover of 45 years, David Quine, Shirley has served home schooling families through writing curriculum, speaking across the country and consulting.   She is passionate about disciplining Mothers, so that they can disciple their own children. Shirley helps to mentor formerly incarcerated single Mom's, through Exodus Ministries in Dallas, Texas. David and Shirley are delighted to be called "Annie and Poppi" by their six grandchildren. She has co-authored Let Us Highly Resolve with her husband.



Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve: Hindsight is 20/20 Panel

None of us want to live with regret. We all wish that we could have the wisdom of the ages RIGHT NOW. Come hear Roxanne Parks and Shirley share their stories of wisdom from hindsight.