Sheri Yates

Sheri and her husband Ty own a consulting firm and are both CPAs. They homeschool their three girls. She co-authored SOAR Bible study, Stuck, Stop It, Original Design for YOUth, and If I Were Anything from A to Z children’s book.  She operates iKAN Publishing, the Avodah Prayer Room which prays over our city, and iKAN Ministries which trains the next generation to know God and to make Him known. Sharing the love of Jesus everywhere her feet tread, Sheri also transparently shares how she overcame a long-term identity crisis resulting from abuse. She prays that you will be even more firmly rooted in God's heart and that His presence would be your comfort and your guide. She makes you want to know God more.



The WAR ROOM” is Where the Real Battle is Won

We don’t fight people although sometimes it would be easier. Do you have the urge to become unglued, easily offended or desire to control others – especially your kids? Or are you in the middle of truly tough circumstances that seem impossible to overcome? We fight FOR people. Join Sheri for tools to fight well.


The Teenage Years: Eye Rolling, Sarcasm and Hormones, Oh My!

Are you ready for the kids to hit the road, or are the kids ready for you to hit the road?Join Sheri for encouragement to joyfully embrace the hard days that come with loving your kids so much. Hear truths that will help protect your momma heart!