Lyndsay Lambert

Lyndsay Lambert, a Texas Tech University graduate, homeschooled her four now-grown children for sixteen years. She has assisted Tim, her husband of more than forty years, in serving the home school community, first in helping to start and lead their local support group and then, from 1990 to 2013, in running the Texas Home School Coalition, the statewide organization committed to serving and protecting Texas home schoolers. She refocused in 2013 to have more time to be a grandmother to her seven grandchildren and to be the “older woman” that she believes God has called her to be. One of her favorite things to do is to encourage young women and especially home school moms!



Great Homeschooling 101: The Marriage Priority

Don't ever forget that your husband was around before your kids, and, Lord willing, he'll still be there after they're grown and gone! Come hear a 44-year veteran of marriage share her thoughts about keeping the home fires burning while juggling homeschooling and the other fifty jobs moms do. Lyndsay has some ideas about how to get past the rough times and the things she and Tim have done over the years to continue being best friends.


Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve: Hindsight is 20/20 Panel

None of us want to live with regret. We all wish that we could have the wisdom of the ages RIGHT NOW. Come hear Lyndsay Lambert, Roxanne Parks, and Shirley Quine share their stories of wisdom from hindsight.