Lisa Pennington

Lisa is the author of Mama Needs a Do-Over: Simple Steps to Turning a Hard Day Around and blogger at The Pennington Point.  She and her husband have nine children, some grown, some still at home and homeschooling.  They live on a hobby farm in the Texas Hill Country.  She spends her days keeping up with laundry, hoping someone will remember to take out the trash, and wishing there was time for a nap.  Her true joy is sharing the love of Christ with anyone who will listen and encouraging women to embrace life to the fullest.



Discovering the Life Balance You Have Always Wanted

There are challenges in every day from whining kids to a husband late from work. It can be difficult to find a place of peace and balance. Lisa will share tips and tricks for managing those topsy turvy days. She will share a 7-step process of being intentional and relaxing into the joy of becoming who we were meant to be.  This topic is built around her new book, Tightropes and Teeter-Totters.