Cheri Blair




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A native resident of Oklahoma, Cheri Blair currently resides in beautiful Woodland Park, Colorado.  She and Tim, her husband for 30 years this July, have/are raising six children, two of whom are married.  They have recently been blessed with their first precious grandchild.  Cheri began homeschooling in 1996, the three older students having graduated and the three younger still at home.  Over the years, she has taught classes in homeschool coops, co-directed a coop  in Colorado, and blogged perspectives in a local OKC on-line magazine.  In a ministry called Gospel Homes for Women, she has lead studies and has mentored women recently released from prison who are being transformed by the Word of God.  The unique challenges Cheri has faced in her own family have been used by God to take her from misery to ministry, trials to triumph.



And I Even Homeschooled! So How Did THIS Happen?

Are you believing the misconception that if you go above and beyond and EVEN homeschool, and do it "just right,” that your children will be guaranteed to follow the Lord wholeheartedly and never get off the path of righteousness? Cheri was one of those perfectionists who thought that if she would home educate and add all of the right ingredients, she would have a perfect and lovely outcome, much like a cake recipe! Come hear some of the blessings and challenges of homeschooling, clarify your purpose, and realize the REAL reasons God called you to homeschool!


Taking Thoughts Captive: Bootcamp for the Soul

It was in the depths of depression that Cheri was led by the Holy Spirit to have her physical brain healed, to have her mind and thoughts radically changed, and to experience victory. Boot Camp for the Soul will share truths she learned that are absolutely essential to living a victorious Christian life regardless of your circumstances! You will learn about the POWER of your thoughts, how to be vigilant in RENEWING your mind, and how to CHOOSE to think on the TRUTH which will change your life.